Thursday, December 25, 2008

Dr Rosalie Shaw

Dr Rosalie Shaw, the Executive Director of the Asia Pacific Hospice Palliative Care Network (APHN) is retiring. She is leaving Singapore and will move to Melbourne by this year end. She has been with APHN for nearly ten years.

The new APHN Secretariat will move to Korea. New administrative staff is Ms Grace Hong. Email address will remain the same.

MHC is one of the organisational members in APHN.

Merry Christmas!

Happy holiday, everyone.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New Logo

The rationale of the logo: The two hands clasped in a firm handshake represent Hospice and the patient. It represents a commitment encapsulated in the organisation’s motto – “Caring Together”. The green background depicts a wholesome environment of care, love and respect. It also ‘praises’ the professionals, volunteers and sponsors who serve freely. The orange and maroon hues within the heart speak of service beyond ethnic boundaries and the appreciation of patients and their families.

The white outline (in reverse) highlights foundation, expertise and compassion which are the traditions of Hospice as a valuable service-provider.

ROS has approved our new logo and amendments made at the 6th BGM.

MHC Board Meeting 13 June 2008


Board of Directors 2008 - 2010

Chairman: Dr Murli Naraindas

Vice-Chairman: Dato' Seri Dr T. Devaraj

Hon. Secretary: Dato' Dr Chan Kok Ewe

Asst. Hon. Secretary: Dr Koh Wai Keat

Hon. Treasurer: Dr Oo Khaik Cheang

Members of the Board:

Dr Michael Yoong (Hospice Klang)

Ms Margaret Lim (PCAKK)

Mr Victor Raja (Hospice Tawau)

Dr Peter Ho (Hospice Seremban)

Dr Imi Sairi Abd Hadi (Hospis Kelantan)

Brig. Gen (R) Datuk Dr N. Rajagopal (Hospice Melaka)

Sr Flora Evaristus (Hospice Sabah)


Internal auditors:

Dr R. Angamuthu

Dr Ng Chan Kong

Congress Dinner

YAB Mr Lim Guan Eng

8th Malaysian Hospice Congress



8th Malaysian Hospice Congress 13 - 15 June 2008


Relay items on sale

8th Malaysian Hospice Congress 13-15 June 2008

Plenary lectures/Symposium